Our new bottles mean big things for our farmers

On June 1st 2020 our new bottles will come into effect. We will no longer sell our milk in 1L and 2L HDPE bottles which are hard to recycle and will instead replace our milk bottles with 1.5L and 750ml bottles made from PET!

A small change to help our farmers

Over the past twenty years the number of local dairy farms has shrunk from more than 200 to less than 45, mainly due to low prices paid to farmers.

Our farm suppliers need to be sustainable and to achieve this they simply require a better price per litre for their milk.  It might even encourage the next generation to stay on the farm rather than looking for work in the city so we can still have fresh milk!

Our dedicated Misty Farmers are up before the crack of dawn every day, in all kinds of weather to milk their beautiful Jersey cows. Then they are back as the sun sets to milk again.

They have made a huge investment in their land and infrastructure and they deserve to make a reasonable living!

That’s why we want to pay them more and this small change to our bottles means that we can do that!


To be sustainable we wanted a more recyclable bottle that can be recycled multiple times as a milk bottle. Our 2L bottles were single use, and are unfortunately very expensive as they have to be blown and trucked up from Brisbane.

You know that we are all about low food miles yet we are trucking empty bottles some 1700kms!

The best option that we found with our current machinery was an alternate type of plastic packaging called PET. PET is recyclable in Australia, light and safe, works on our existing packaging equipment and can actually be recycled up to 6 times for use as milk bottles as rPET.

Best of all these bottles can be transported as a tiny tube and blown on site which is beneficial in far north Queensland where freight costs can be huge.